(Please note: this page may load slowly depending on your internet speed as there are several videos of cute and furry critters on this page!)
One activity to which we both really looked forward was visiting the impressively huge Chiang Mai Zoo, found in the north of the city. 

With over 212 acres of land, we needed to travel by bus or monorail to each section - although we did walk between a couple of sections and managed to get lost!

Alas, we couldn't find the restaurant which the lovely Durstons recommended (perhaps it has closed down?), but we still managed to have an OKish Thai-style lunch in the huge cafe in the centre of the park.

Unlike most zoos, you can get really "up close and personal" with some of the animals and even feed them as Victoria discovered with the giraffes!

Two of the main highlights were seeing the amazing panda (or as I like to call him "a man in a panda suit" as some of the traits are really quite human::
...and of course Victoria's brethren, the penguins!
There were so many wonderful types of creature on show, all seemingly well cared for, and we managed to capture them on video and in photos - the best of which are below:
...And a random selection of videos (my particular favourite is the Hippo one below):


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