Phuket is also in the south, but on the East coast instead of the West (by the Andaman Sea). In order travel there, we needed to a cab, ferry, 2 coaches and then another cab. We were advised this would take no more than 5-6 hours. By now, we know to double any travelling estimate and 11 hours was about right (argggh!). 

The most exciting part of the journey was the 5 hour ferry journey. What started off as a great opportunity to sunbathe quickly became an urgent "retreat down below", as the the sea became really choppy in the middle and it was hard to stand up! Check out the contrast in these 2 videos:
After this, the journey was pretty uneventful, although we stopped twice: once at a shack to change coaches (which allowed us to buy some lunch: fried rice with chicken - yummy!), and then a "leg-stretcher" just outside Phuket. Then straight to the hotel to check in and then go out for a well-deserved beer or 3!


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