To the north of Chiang Mai lies the smaller Chiang Rai, which is on the way to a Thailand-Laos boarder crossing. To travel here, one can either take a bus (no airconditioning, no leg room, several hours), a minivan (not recommended by locals and expats who have done this), OR take the "Greenline VIP Bus", which we did.

As many of you know, I'm not a fan of long coach journies, but we were very pleasantly surprised when we boarded: the "coach" is rather like travelling business on an airplane whereby half of the seats have been ripped out to proved plenty of room to recline with foot rest, air con, clean toilet etc - probably nicer than a plane in truth. The uniformed staff even bring round water and a sticky bun during the journey. 

The advantage of travelling by coach means we could take in some of the stunning views as this big vehicle hurtled around the small mountainous roads for most of the 4 hour journey (@mum - you'd have hated it!). Below you can see photos of inside the bus and the amazing views from the windows:


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