Every Sunday, you can find the enormous "Walking Street Market" which criss-crosses through the Old Town with hudreds of stalls selling everything from ornaments to food to instruments - and everything in between. This is one of the main weekly events of the Old Town and as such is heaving with people - it was reminiscent of walking down Wembley Way after a football match. I took a video to show this - hope it comes across:
Especially striking were the stalls which sidled off the main street and into the Wats (Thai Temples). In these back-lit environments at night, especially with Monks chanting in the background, it was particularly breathtaking. Hopefully the video below captures this:
I was also impressed by the range of different lights on offer - I've tried to capture some of them here (we were only allowed to take photos of some of the stalls). 
And finally, we have to mention the number of music performers. They sit/stand in the middle of the road with the stalls either side and busk - some are great, some are not, but all added to the overall bustle and slightly surreal atmosphere of the market. See videos below:
The chap in the video directly above is playing a saxophone made from bamboo. 

He was also selling alto saxes made from bamboo - incredible idea, and such an unique but lovely sound, but I bet they'd be very hard to play!



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