The only reason we knew about the Black House or "Baan Dam" is because one of our friends at the Smith Residence in Chiang Mai had recently visited and told us we just had to go. It gets few tourists, and is tricky to find, but thankfully we thought ahead and had already chartered a touk touk to be our personal chauffeur for the day.

Eventually, we arrived at the Black House, in truth expecting it to be a little anti-climatic after visiting Chiang Rai's more well-known White Temple, but this was really something to be seen. 

A series of huge ancient black buildings sprawling across a large woody area, the whole all felt mysterious - especially as there were no signs to explain the exhibits which comprised bones of animal remains, huge drawing rooms, meeting areas and bed rooms. You could imagine inhabitants of yesteryear holding court, and the huge size of all buildings held a certain magesty over the few visitors - people all spoke in lowered tones or whispers. 

The more you walk into the wooded areas, the more unusual building that can be found with furniture inside all made from animal bones, horns and tusks - as well as the odd stray goat!

In all, this was an amazing experience, and a welcomed contrast versus the White Temple.


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