After a 2-hour boat ride, we arrived at the Koh Phangan and jumped in a shared minivan with similar arrivals. After the rest of the visitors departed, we started to wonder just how far we were going to be from the action when the van pulled up outside what could only be described as a dilapidated "beach resort". Our heart's sinking but with a "what will be, will be" attitude we walked through a dirty building site to check in only to be told it was full and had arranged for us to stay in a resort up the road (to be fair, it's low season and they could have just been renovating although there were other guests). Keeping our fingers crossed, we quickly jumped in the free taxi to take us to our new destination and ended up in Phangan Cottage.
This really is an odd place: the location is great as it's equi-distant from the island's 2 main southern towns of Haad Rin and Tongsala; the setting is beautiful as you can see from the above photo slideshow, and the rooms are very basic but have a comfortable big bed; BUT there are more staff then guests - and they don't seem to speak English OR Thai (and we have no idea what any of them actually do, apart from sit around, watch TV in the sun, talk on the phone and eat)! And in fact as I write this, they are playing catch with a football - oh if only we could get jobs like this.....

So... for a honeymoon and some privacy as part of a wider trip, this is an excellent choice (although don't eat the food here as it's inedible!), but it really does feel rather odd when the staff outnumber the guests! 


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