Sirin Place Boutique Apartment - what amazing service.

Arriving early evening at Chiang Mai's main bus station, we were greeted by a troop of touk touk drivers (is the at the right collective name for them?) all wanting to win our business, but NONE actually knowing where this new guesthouse was located! To be fair, the apartment is only 4 months old and the drivers were all helping each other out and calling friends to try to work it out.

This recently opened boutique guesthouse is friendly from arrival through to departure and they will go above and beyond to ensure your stay is the best possible. The rooms are sizable and bathroom clean and although further than some hotels from the city centre, it allows you to experience "true Chiang Rai" (it's only 1K from the city centre). 

Having checked in, we decided to search for a local bar and eatery and Victoria was especially delighted when she discovered the PangPond Steak House!

We were particularly grateful to friendly owner Sam who helped us secure a touk touk to take us to see the white temple and black house for a very reasonable price, and he secured us an amazing priced taxi (we couldn't come close) to drive us direct to Chiang Kong (by Laos boarder) which helped us avoid a 5-6 hour journey on a cramped non-airconditioned bus!

Thanks Sam!



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