Thanks to the Loney Planet Guide of Thailand (which hasn't let us down so far), we discovered there's a Thai Night Market every day from 4-11PM in a town just north of our bungalow resort so we decided to travel up there and check it out. We were not disappointed! 

Not only is Tongsala a town with character and some great bars which we of course sampled, the night market is awash with a cacophony of diverse colours and smells from freshly frying fish, through to fruit shakes and roti stands offering pancake-like treats loaded with cheese and onion, banana, pineapple, egg, etc - all freshly made in front of you. The cheese and onion was especially good!
Victoria fell in love with a skull bracelet (what else?!) the vendor was wearing but alas he had sold out of them so we commissioned him to make one which we could collect the next night. It is a mixture buffalo bone, wood and string: 
We also read there was a rather good Italian Pizza joint in the same neighbourhood, so we decided to try that out next.

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