How quickly a month can pass when you're having such fun! 
Adrian , Wendy, James, Todd, Vix
After running around this morning to finish some urgent chores (like sending postcards and presents to family and friends, getting travel visa photos taken, and picking up travel snacks for the long journey ahead), we rushed back to grab our belongings and book a cab, only for the group of friends we made at the Smith Residence to come down to see us off - which was really great... or perhaps they just wanted to make sure we left! ;-)

It's been an amazing month, and we've made friends we would like to hope will remain so forever, and we'll see them before long as we plan to head back to Chiang Mai after we've travelled around the continent.

See you soon guys! x



julian and alli
11/14/2012 2:09pm

what fucking presents!!!!!x


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