The Trek Back Down

After a long hard trek yesterday, it was good news today: all we had to do was trek back down again and then we get to have lunch and then ride elephants! 

Although actually tougher than it sounds walking downhill for a 3 hours, it was much easier then yesterday's trek (!) and we got to see some amazing insects and other wildlife. Also, our new guide was pleased to show us different wildlife that perhaps we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Elephant Riding!

Having finally reached the bottom, we had made it back to the paddy fields and then village where we had lunch yesterday. After a brief noodle soup snack, it was time to jump in the truck and head towards the elephants!

Riding elephants is bloody scary  It's official. And it's far from the sedate concept we had. Especially our elephant who was just cranky! Instead, it was like riding a rollercoaster with no seatbelt - but that said, it was great fun and elephants are really wonderful creatures :-)


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