It's easily the hottest it's been today (mid 40s?) and as it's our last full day here, we decided to explore the island a little further and walk to the other main town: Haad Rin.

While this seemed like a good idea, we suddenly realised it's all up hill and MILES away, so we caught a jeep/cab. Because we had to go very high to get there, we saw some amazing views and it felt like we were on a rollercoaster! We've tried to capture some of this below through video and photos:
It is undeniably clear that Haad Rin is a party town, which isn't surprising when you think it's where the Full Moon Party happens every month and pretty much everything is geared towards this. Everywhere you look, there's either a bar, cafe, bungalow or a shop selling neon clothes, sunscreen and booze. 
This said, it's a fun place to look around although the snacky lunch we had at Sunrise was awful. Mama Schnitzel on the other hand was pretty excellent, fun and lively - and was the best 'eat' recommended in the Lonely Planet for the whole of Haad Rin which says it all really. I can recommend the chicken schnitzel in a bun with cheese. This is obviously a meeting place for before and then after the festivities and the walls and ceiling are covered with comments from customers which made for a fun read:
However, the thing that makes Haad Rin so special is the Bay. It is truly stunning. Forget the fact it's lined with crappy bars, just to sunbathe there for a couple of hours and swim in the balmy turquoise waters is paradise enough:
Can't wait to see it during a Full Moon Party when we return though, but I bet it'll feel a little different!!


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