Our taxi collected us from Sirin Place Boutique Apartment early morning and we drove uneventfully further north to Chiang Kong admiring the stunning views and a procession of monks.

Chiang Kong is a port town as you would expect - tiny and with nothing really there. It shares a boarder with Huay Xai of Laos; In fact, the only thing separating the two countries is the width of the Mekong River - you can actually see Laos across the water from Thailand. 
After filing out the necessary visa forms, we quickly made out way through "customs" (an unattended shack on the river bank) and then saw our transport vehicle to cross the Mekong!
These long motor boats are pushed off from the shore with a long tree branch, and then a driver buzzes you across the Meekong in a 10 minute journey.


11/15/2012 6:25am

Well guys, you sure have been having a busy, busy time! There is certainly no dust settling under your toes! It all looks and sounds amazing and I eagerly await the next installment. You will be pleased to hear the weather in Blighty is as awful as ever and as we huddle around the fire to enjoy the extortionate price of gas, looking at flip flops floating in the pool is just plain cruel! Need a bag carrier?? Love and hugs to you both. Keep cool, keep safe and keep em coming! xxxxxx Txxxxx

11/28/2012 1:04am

Hi Tina! Indeed, it's all systems go here as we continue to cross countries - but it truly is an amazing experience! Sorry to hear about the awful weather - but with any luck you'll get some SNOW and then I'll be green with envy!! PS: bag carriers are always welcome! Adrian xx


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