After spending the morning and early afternoon exploring the magnificent White Temple and Black House, we decided to explore Chiang Rai town centre and the night market. 

A small and clean town, the locals are very friendly and helpful and there are several bars and restaurants as well as the obligatory Boots chemist and Tesco Lotus (which are still odd to see all the way out here). I was also delighted to see they had a Svensons and order the very scrummy sundae to pictured here :-)

After we had completed important chores like stocking up on sunscreen (as we had not idea what was available in Laos), we decided to grab a beer in the afternoon sun to while away some time before the night market opened.

As with the other night markets we've now seen, there is a lot of same-same tat, but there are always a couple of stalls or little shops which hold unique treasures if you can bothered to delve into them. Chiang Grai Night Market is the same. However we managed to find some great bargains including a red shawl for Vix and a couple of T-Shirts like the one my fabulous assistant is modelling below!



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