After viewing 15 assorted flats in one day, Vix and I were delighted to agree on our first choice. Very much positioned as a 'lifestyle' condominium, Espada iis a brand new build and has every facility we will need. 

Even better, all furniture and appliance in the flat are brand new too! And best of all? It's a 5 minute walk to my office in downtown Orchard :-)  Here's a few photos and videos of the flat. 

And here's a couple of videos of the view...

That's all for now... I'm off to the pool!
I captured this video the first night I landed (just after I watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon 2013 in a local Irish Bar, in fact). There's no way to describe just how humid it is from this, but keep in mind at around 130am it was around 28 degrees!