She may have been the runt of the litter, but I can't believe how much my gorgeous Tapas is growing! At this rate, she'll be a fully-grown cat by this time next month! A few pictures of the Disney-eyed gal below:
The real boss of Under Construction Bar & Restaurant, the gorgeous 9 week old "Moaning Rouge" aka "Red". For such big boy (especially for a Khmer cat), he's an absolute softy! :-D
After 2 months of being brutally ill with Dengue Fever, this is my first glass of alcohol. Pardon my language, but it tastes bloody good!
Wow! I gotta say, Siem Reap's "Little Italy" located in Alley West has just over-delivered on a salad. Not only does it look great on the plate, it tasted even better! Several different cheeses (including taleggio cheese, what a treat!), fresh juicy apple, nuts, croutons, leaves and chicken - all with a french mustard dressing and fresh warm bread roll. YUMMY!
Charles Nathaniel Watkins I -  better known as Charlie - has had a hard day miaowing at everything that moves (and other items that don't), so he's decided to take a nap on my lap. Perhaps he's trying to lull the gecko on my tshirt into a false sense of security!
Tonight is the birthhday of good friend, Mark - and a middling-to-big birthday at that. 

A quirky Irishman who loves a drink, singsong and playing air guitar (when he's not being a serious teacher), it proved to be quite a night - even though I could only drink water all night because of my dengue recovery! 

A highlight of the night was his singing and dancing to several of Queen's greatest hits (the evidence has been destroyed, don't worry Mark)!
So Beezebubba aka Skeletor has given birth to her newest litter of kittens in our washing basket, and they are ADORABLE! After a few days, she moved them into a giant vase to hide them - possibly because the previous litter of kittens were curious. We can now pick them up and they are keen for affection. Check out some of the best Photos below!
Tonight, we sadly waved goodbye to 2 good friends - Shaelinn and Jake. However, the great news is that they are from Pittsburgh, which isn't actually that far from Toronto, so we'll hopefully hook up later in the year! :-)
Shaelinn & Jake - fun down to earth "normal" people. You will be missed guys.
And thanks to the larger than life Roman for popping up at the most unexpected time too ;-)
Today is a particularly odd day. Yes, we changed the cat food brand (Lucky Mall had run out of the usual one), but could this really be the reason for these very cool poses being struck up by our gorgeous resident cats?! Some of them look almost human and dare I say, posed for the camera! Although "Red" is obviously dreaming of being a superhero... ;-)