Soon after we moved into our rental apartment, we got to know some of the other friendly expats living there and were invited to join them for a pizza at Yummy Pizza. 

This was actually a good 20 minute drive from Chiang Mai so we thought "it must be special" - and it was. Not only is the food excellent, the whole night was just great. We laughed from beginning to end, and got to know a lot of the residents better, which was great. 

The restaurant is run by Tony, a friendly Ozzie, who can play a guitar and more than hold a tune, and he sung many classic songs from Oasis to Gloria Gaynor, etc. Drinking a few beers on our table of 9, we all got into the groove, joined the sing-song and also had great banter with the Irish band who were playing as well.

Later on there was even a chance later for a boogie and a song from hidden-talent rockstar James:


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