There's apparently a rather good mexican between our resort and Tongsala so we popped in on the way to look at menu and sample their strawberry margaritas. We already plan to check out the Night Market and heard there's a very good pizza join too, which we sample after the night market.

"Let's have a couple of beers in that big bar over there and play some pool" we think - a great idea and lots of fun. An hour or 2 later we decide to get ready to leave. It starts to rain. Asian rain - a short, torrential shower.
It's so hot here we don't really eat more than a meal a day, but we thought, OK we've already had a pizza today, let's share something at one of the fun-looking bars we saw on the way to Tongsala and go to the mexican tomorrow. Some shared nachos at the Outlaws Bar and imported some German beer (be proud, Monsieur Le Garcon!), and then to another bar:
Eventually we end up playing pool in a very odd but friendly late license establishment. We have WiFi  so manage to catch up on Skype with a couple of people who are online and then the bar officially closes... although nothing really closes here. The staff are sitting out front drinking and they offer to pick us up a couple of bottles of beer at the 7-11 as they are getting some for themselves. So we stay longer, then cab back home to our "private" resort. When we're back, we finish our beers while watching the sun rise over the silent, stunning beach. 
A magical evening indeed :-)


09/30/2012 4:23pm

the beach looks Fantastic oh for 10 minutes on it ebjoy lots of love teresa


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