What a great way to spend Halloween and our last night in Chiang Mai - dressed up as "creatures of the night" with new friends.

We returned to Yummy Pizza (where we have already had great fun) and were the only people dressed up in Halloween costumes (although the Thai people don't celebrate Halloween, we thought some other expats might)! 

After getting over the shock of seeing these strange apparitions, several local diners asked for photographs with us and then we settled down for great food, some local Leo beers and a singalong/boogie. Extra special highlights were "Witchly Wendy" singing like a rockstar and "Dead Michael James Jackson" busting some grooves on the tables. 
A couple of Welsh dance and sing-a-long classics caught on camera ;-)
Really great fun! And a big thanks to Wendy and James (and Yummy Pizza) for making it so memorable! x
Just a quick post to wish you all a Spooktacular evening tonight!

We're having a crazy fancy dress dinner tonight in town with friends.... I'll post more photos later, but here's a quick one of us dressed up!

Now to find some virgins to sacrifice!
Corpse bride, phantom, thriller, witch!
By now, we've covered a fair few kilometers of Thailand and several people have asked us to describe the locations of our journey - so now seems to be a great time to share an interactive online map which is plotting our travels across Asia. 

You will always be able to find a link to this map is in the navigation at the very top of every page of this website, or you can also click here to load it now.

My Mum and Dad were kind enough to present us with "Just Married" flip flops as an extra wedding present just before we left for honeymoon. These are very cool, and very clever! Check out the captions in the slideshow below to see why... :-) 
A BIG THANKS, Mum and Dad! xx
We woke to a wonderful surprise this morning when we collected a letter from our apartment front desk... and got very excited when we saw crayon on it! 

The Grand Opening is below - modelling by Victoria, Voice by me ;-)
Walking back from dinner one evening, we passed an area by the river where people were lighting and launching lanterns which just made us stop in our tracks and watch. 

We've tried to capture the spectacle in the below video, but in truth it really doesn't do it justice:

After eating lots of lovely Thai food, we were really craving a proper Sunday Roast with all the trimmings. By now we had made some friends with expats also living at the Smith Residence, and they spoke of being able to get such delacaies as a roast in Chiang Mai. Minds made up, we quickly arranged a posse and headed over to Archers Bar.

Although the roast itself was actually a bit of a washout, it really didn't matter as we have a thoroughly good time with friends - so much so, we carried on partying into the night. Good times!
Wow, what a shame. We came here to celebrate being married for 2 months (it's as good an excuse as any!) expecting amazing things, but alas was far from it. 

Although set in amazing grounds and with an arranged car to pick us up / take us back, we should have realised we were in for a tough time when it was almost empty on a Friday night. The food is terrible - especially when considering the kind of money charged: Le Coq D'or just cannot cook a steak (sent back twice, offered to speak to chef in French (turns out he's Thai), offered to cook ourselves, then subsequently cancelled) -- and we all know what happens if you mess up Victoria's steaky!

Also, the Grand Marnier souffle was almost a runny scrambled egg and they forgot half our aperitif order. After an incredibly disappointing experience, I expected a goodwill gesture money-off on the bill - alas the only item subtracted was the CANCELLED steak. 

Overall experience: awful. HOWEVER, they did serve me a fantastic cheese souffle for a starter, so at least they got something right! 

And. Rant. Is. Now. Over! :-)

(Please note: this page may load slowly depending on your internet speed as there are several videos of cute and furry critters on this page!)
One activity to which we both really looked forward was visiting the impressively huge Chiang Mai Zoo, found in the north of the city. 

With over 212 acres of land, we needed to travel by bus or monorail to each section - although we did walk between a couple of sections and managed to get lost!

Alas, we couldn't find the restaurant which the lovely Durstons recommended (perhaps it has closed down?), but we still managed to have an OKish Thai-style lunch in the huge cafe in the centre of the park.

Unlike most zoos, you can get really "up close and personal" with some of the animals and even feed them as Victoria discovered with the giraffes!

Two of the main highlights were seeing the amazing panda (or as I like to call him "a man in a panda suit" as some of the traits are really quite human::
...and of course Victoria's brethren, the penguins!
There were so many wonderful types of creature on show, all seemingly well cared for, and we managed to capture them on video and in photos - the best of which are below:
...And a random selection of videos (my particular favourite is the Hippo one below):
Sitting atop a bunch of stalls in the enormous Night Bazzaar, is the fabulous Boy Blues Bar, offering amazing live music and a bar selling Thai lager "Leo" (what more could you need?!). As you can see from the below video, "Boy" is a little bit talented! Even better, he joined us after his set for a drink and showed us a picture of his gorgeous young daughter (a very proud dad!)  :-)
The band in action - how good are they?! Keep on rocking Boy!