5 days to go!! It's feeling very real now - I've just said goodbye to 2 of my best mates - Roy and Jmac: love you guys x




This time next week, we'll have landed in Bangkok!

Now that's surreal...

Whoops! We had so much fun at dinner with friends last night that we stayed a lot later than planned and drunk slightly more wine than meant. Although it's always a sign of a brilliant night when the staff ask you to leave so they can go home ;-)

Finally finished packing around 330am and now the flat, the fantastic movers from Kelly's Storage have been and taken everything away... what a contrast to yesterday's photo!

Now the flat is very empty and 'echoey', and I'm a little sad. Mustn't dwell though - big adventures await!

All we've done since the wedding is a lot of sorting and packing up of our London life... But needs must as we look forward to our new adventure! And besides, the removal men come tomorrow to take everything and put it into storage. 

We've been packing since 8am today (since the in-laws sadly left) and now its 830pm and we're breaking to go have a quick dinner with friends before back for the finishing touches.

Fantastic! Very exciting, and one more thing off the list :-)
The wedding was amazing and we're now a married couple (and very happy)! 

Back to travel preparation... I tell you, we'll need a holiday to recover after all this!
OK, so no more pre-travel plans for the next 7-10 days as we put the finishing touches to the wedding, are married and then have a few days of feeling very happy and smug!