OK, so I've never been a fan of needles, but I was surprised how quick and painless the jabs were. However, I wasn't expecting to be knocked out for 2 days with the Hep A jab! Wowser!

Back in the land of the living now though :-)
41 days to go... jabs booked (yuck!) and first rucksack arrived. Working out what clothes to keep, what to sell and what to put into storage... Not as easy as I first expected, especially now I've seen how little space there is to put things in the case!! :-( 

I downloaded another useful app today for my iPhone: "Music Magpie". This allows you to scan the barcodes of your DVDs and CDs and sell them.

As most of my DVDs and music are backed up now (thanks to the advice on www.thedigitalcabinet.com here), I am now in a position to be able to sell a load of discs. Even if we don't get much for them, it's still an extra few days in Asia, and it takes so little time, it's all worth it!
Download Music Magpie for iTunes

Downloaded a great iphone app today called "GoodReads". This allows me to scan the ISBN code of each of my books and keep a record of them (I can also rate, etc too if I want). 

Will be great for when I want to remember what I already own and have stored if I'm struggling to find a good book for the Kindle or don't want to buy the same book twice!
Download GoodReads for iTunes