Wowser - I don't think I've ever felt so ill! Turns out it wasn't (just) a hangover, rather I had been bitten by a nasty little mosquito who gave me a serious bout of denge fever! After waving goodbye to Todd and leaving The Sun, I felt steadily worse to the point where I had to shut myself into the bedroom with an eye mask and earplugs. 

Think of the worst migrane you've ever had combined with the worst 'flu as well. As my temperature spiked, so did the headaches.

Eventually Vix made me see a doctor who confirmed our fears, and between her and our chef I was literally carried across the road to a boutique hotel (Soria Moria) so I could sleep in freezing aircon - just so I could lower my temperature.

There will be no posts for a while now, as I recover.
Following an all night drinkathon with Todd, as I sit and nurse a hangover with sweet tea and a fry up at the excellent "The Sun" - while sitting in the warm sun - I'm realising I'm officially getting old! Ah well, it was great fun nonetheless, and a blow out is good once in a while! And maybe there will be some business out of it too! Todd's heading back to CM after breakfast, so I'll head to bed for some much needed shot-eye.
Early morning view of Pub Street following a late night drinking session with the Todster. It looks almost sedate in comparison to the night before!
What a fabulous day - and night! Tinh and Rich put on an amazing BBQ spread, and we managed to make decent damage to a (ehm) crate of Pimms as well as a few bottles of champagne. I even tried homemade sweetcorn liquor which, while an acquired taste, was yummy (although sooooo strong!). We had such fun, and even managed to make it out for some drinks afterwards (and I managed to get some snaps of a beautiful butterfly!)

Thanks guys! It was just what we needed and we had a blast! :-)
Thank goodness it Wednesday! It's been a hell of a week, but this day off is especially exciting as we've been invited over to a friend's house for a BBQ and drinks. This should be a good (and quite boozy!) day! :D