What a great way to spend Halloween and our last night in Chiang Mai - dressed up as "creatures of the night" with new friends.

We returned to Yummy Pizza (where we have already had great fun) and were the only people dressed up in Halloween costumes (although the Thai people don't celebrate Halloween, we thought some other expats might)! 

After getting over the shock of seeing these strange apparitions, several local diners asked for photographs with us and then we settled down for great food, some local Leo beers and a singalong/boogie. Extra special highlights were "Witchly Wendy" singing like a rockstar and "Dead Michael James Jackson" busting some grooves on the tables. 
A couple of Welsh dance and sing-a-long classics caught on camera ;-)
Really great fun! And a big thanks to Wendy and James (and Yummy Pizza) for making it so memorable! x


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