A very happy Victoria!
Having arrived late in the day, we really wanted to eat some local food, grab a beer and call it a night. 

Although our guesthouse was fantastic (so attentive: you couldn't ask for more, see this post), the only drawback was it's location from the main town; a 20 minute walk from a residential area with no English signs or tourists (which we rather enjoyed). So we decided to eat locally, and we're so glad we did.

With only a handful of street vendor carts to choose from, Victoria then beamed with delight when we stumbled across a street vendor cooking STEAK to order!

Although very much a "set menu", the food came quickly, served with coleslaw, a few chips, salad and a piece of bread; the 2 dishes cost a little over 1 UK pound - incredible really - and really hit the spot.


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