As the weather has been hit and miss (yet still low 30s even in torrential rain!), we've decided to change plans and chase the sun. So another important task yesterday was to visit the Thai Government Tourist Centre for some sunshine advice. 

Apparently the southern beaches are surrounded by 2 different oceans so the weather is generally changeable but the island (Koh) of Samui has sun! However, it would take eighteen hours and 4 modes of transport to get there if we didn't want to fly... thankfully we are are in no rush! So... back to the hotel and pack, and then let the journey commence!

1) Taxi: Travel to, and wait time at  Bangkok Station (15 minutes)

Taxi: 30 minutes. Stuck in traffic, but air-conditioned car. 
Wait time: 20 minutes. 
All good : -)

2) Overnight Train: Bangkok Station to South-east Station (10 hours)

Because we are not in a rush, we decided to catch the overnight train from Bangkok (although we traveled 1st class to ensure we had our own cabin/security). This was very bizarre and a lot of fun with our own travelling capsule with lock and pull down bunk beds. We snuggled up and watched "Murder On The Blue Train" on the laptop - which we thought was quite apt considering it felt like we were in a Poirot episode!

3) Coach: to SE Coast (4 hours including waiting time)

2 hours sitting in cafe watching the sun rise and drinking coffee and then 2 hours on coach to pier to pick up ferry.

4) Ferry to Koh Samui (3 hours)

Sitting on sun deck of ferry dumbstruck by the beauty of all the sunswept islands and the shimmering waters (and having a small snooze!)

5) Taxi to Hotel (45 minutes)

Blazing hot sun, and lots of beaches, but we're both struggling to stay awake now as this 18 hour journey draws to a close. All we need now is a swim, a beer and another sunny snooze... 


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